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We are building the strongest community of corporates working with startups. Our 20+ corporates are CXOs and open innovation directors in large companies. Join the community today.

20+ corporates and counting

Our corporates are decision-makers in large companies, they are serious about working with enterprise startups. Here is a sample of who they are.

  • Nicolas loeillot
    Nicolas Loeillot
    CIO at Groupe Mutuel
  • Rafael corvalan
    Rafael Corvalan
    CIO at EPFL
  • Rub friedrich
    Friedrich Rub
    CISO at Raiffeisen
  • Thierry golliard
    Thierry Golliard
    VP Innovation at Swiss Post
  • Ursula oesterle
    Ursula Oesterle
    Director External Innovation at PMI
  • Claude honegger
    Claude Honegger
    Head Innovation at Credit Suisse
  • Saul reichman
    Saul Reichman
    Director Venturing at Maxion Wheels
  • and 15 more...

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There is intrinsic value for us in building this community and we have no intention of monetizing this now or in the future.

About enterprisehub

We're a community of corporates led by Edouard Treccani. Join us to meet your peers and find enterprise startups to work with.